HOD's Message

Mr. Abhishek Agrawal

Message From HOD

Journalism is called the art of sensitizing citizens by being alert in the context of time and society. In the holy book Gita, the word auspiciousness(shubhdrishti) has been used from place to place,this auspiciousness is journalism. Which involves examining the qualities and exposing the auspicious elements. Relevant publication in society is called journalism. Satyam Shivam, Sundaram comes into existence after defeating the Asatya, Ashiv and Asundar,When this happens, we call it pure journalism. When knowledge and ideas reach others through words and pictures, it is called journalism,how relevant this statement of Ramakrishna Raghunath Khadilkar is today.
Diversity of life and new means of everyday has made journalism multi-faceted. Today journalists are doing journalism according to their interest and tendency by choosing specific fields for themselves. The same thing applies to students as well.
Today's student can choose subjects according to his interest. This era is an era of specialization. Research Journalism, Economic Journalism, Rural Journalism, Interpretative Journalism, Development Journalism, Reference Journalism, Parliamentary Journalism, Commentary Journalism, Radio journalism, Television journalism, photo journalism Many such areas are open for students where they can introduce their skills.
We strive hard to impart quality education with equal mix of field experience to meet national and global challenges through our departments all related to media industry. To enable our students to become informed citizens and leaders of their profession, we encourage them to participate in co-curricular, extra curricular, and extension activities. We believe in giving exposure to our students instead of excessive focus on classroom activities.
In all our undergraduate and postgraduate programs with multiple options of Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and PG Diploma in Journalism & Corporate Communication, Our programs are designed to ensure that students are ready with field skills and able to get placed in industry, right after completion of their courses.
With Outcome Based Learning modeled syllabus and the teachers focusing on qualitative aspect of the subject, we are pioneers in many ways. The College is adhering to student centric pedagogy. We promote participation of students in academic decision making so that feedback is synthesized in teaching-learning process. Keeping pace with changing trends of media technology, platforms and formats, we at our University have active collaboration with top journalists and field practitioners.
It is clear from the name itself. We create good students. Come, participate in this mission of journalism.
Mr. Subodh Pande
Head of Department - KIJMC, Raipur