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Kruti Institute of Teacher Education
'Kruti' is about Creating, Dreaming and Designing the future and making human life happy. Kruti is all about “making things happen”. It aims to create a successful career path for each of the student and staff and support the youth. College campus is spread over 20 acres of land and is situated on the outskirt of Raipur City. The building of the institute is a delight for the sight and is an architectural pride for the state of Chhattisgarh. It is designed around our central theme of the three forces- Jnana Shakti, Karma Shakti and Sankalpa Shakti.
Kruti group of institutions teach and foster the student to nurture his growth as a budding professional. Its courses encompass not only a systematic approach in managing operations but also provide solutions to enhance sustainability.
Kruti Institute of Teacher Education (KITE) is striding in its journey towards its academic achievements in a gracious manner since year 2013.
Kruti Institute of Teacher Education (Affiliated to Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University) aspires to be a premier institution that offers to the society globally competent teachers who are humane, collaborative and multicultural in their outlook. Mission of Department is to impart quality education to the students based on state of the art and innovative teaching practices, preparing them to excel to face all challenges in their professional life. Kruti Institute of Teacher Education is the one of the vital Institute in Chhattisgarh which epitomizes the manifestation of teaching excellence and research attitude among its pupil teachers and researchers. KITE has been envisioned to introduce and initiate future teachers into the process of transformation into efficient and competent beings who can lead and guide the children of tomorrow towards the world of knowledge. with holistic training components, skill- orientation and value - education as the foundation of the teacher education, KITE has a vision of developing the future teachers who can take the task of shaping the next generation of students with a sense of responsibility for the nation. It has facilities to carry out research work in various aspects of education. KITE attracts large numbers of students from all corners of the country.
Kite campus offers stimulating learning and self development opportunities to students and aims at helping them develop into best teaching talents, who will contribute to build the future of mankind. Workshops and Laboratories are designed to provide rich industrial environment. High speed internet connectivity and Wi-Fi campus is available for easy access to student portal and digital library. Campus also provide separate hostel for boys and girls.
KITE has developed an infrastructure, sufficient enough to match the benchmark standards of education. All classrooms are well ventilated and comfortably furnished and equipped with teaching aids. KITE adopts the best practices of classroom lectures and hands-on training as well as excellent lab facilities. KITE has developed a customized curriculum to fulfil the needs of the present day ‘Education and Training’, leading to an overall development of its students and success in their future endeavours. The curriculum is designed to deliver the best of academics including emphasis on physical and mental strengths with a strong sense of social responsibilities, values and ethics in a disciplined environment. KITE is devoted to fulfil its Vision and Mission and achieve its objectives of leading this region in field of professional education.




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