Departments at a glance

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering involves planning, designing and construction of infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, water treatment plants, sewage disposal systems, etc. There is a great demand for skilled engineers especially in the field of rapidly growing infrastructure sector. To meet the challenge, the department of Civil Engineering is offering AICTE approved 4 year undergraduate program BE, affiliated to CSVTU Bhilai.

  • Department is equipped with highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • State-of-art laboratories.
  • Organizes seminars, workshops and conferences and expert lectures.
  • Provides testing and consultancy services.
  • Student association 'ACES' organizes various technical and social activities.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering envisions the development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery. The present age demands Mechanical Engineering specialists who have the capacity of adaptability and creativity in the new technical areas. To meet the requirements, Mechanical Engineering Department offers:

  • Well qualified, Skilled and dedicated faculty.
  • State-of-art laboratories such as Machine shop, IC Engine, Automobile, etc.
  • Students of the department have been granted Patent.
  • Department regularly conducts workshop like ROBOKITE in collaboration with Technophilia, USA and IIT Bombay for last three years.
  • Organizes industrial visits and training in renowned companies, Conducts soft skills and personality development programs, Guest/Expert lectures, Entrepreneurship development programs and student development programs.
  • The students’ club ‘Mechanizer’ regularly organizes various technical and social activities for the intellectual development and benefit of the students.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism which became an identifiable occupation after commercialization of the electric telegraph, telephone, and the electric power distribution system.

  • Department has highly qualified and technically skilled faculty.
  • Well equipped lab facilities such as Electrical Machines, Electric Circuits, High Voltage lab, etc.
  • Department organizes Industrial visits/Workshops/Guest lectures.
  • Students' association 'URJAA' organizes various technical and social activities.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the most sought after courses in engineering these days. With a blend of hardware and software technologies, CSE provides students with the right expertise needed to flourish in the world of computer technology today. The department provides students with a healthy combination of research and practice.

  • Department of CSE is supported by well qualified, dedicated and experienced staff to give a strong foundation in computer science.
  • Department organizes guest lecturers, industrial visits/training program, Faculty and Student development programs.
  • Conducted workshops/training program such as HACKTRACK-1 on Network Security and HACKTRACK-2 on Ethical Hacking in collaboration with IIT Bombay and TECHDEFENCE.
  • Student’s association ‘CYBERCUDS’ regularly organizes various Techno-social activities like Rural Development Certification Course for students of nearby schools.

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is a well established and reputed department which works as backbone of KITE. The department is under the mentorship of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic faculty members to provide students quality education.

  • Department is well equipped with basic and advance laboratories.
  • Conducted industrial visits to Scientech Technology indore, Idhasoft, etc..
  • Organized workshops on PCB Designing, EDWIN XP circuit simulator, Industrial Automation and Zeniada VLSI tools, etc.
  • Students secured 3rd position for the development of ‘Unmanned Flying Machine (UFM)’ and 10th position in All India Robo Car race at IIT Bombay.
  • Student committee "ELEKSA" have been organizing different Techno-social programs like: “Vastra Dan, Pahal- an awareness program about Engineering for school students of villages, “SAAYAS” - lending a helping hand towards orphans and old age people.

Applied Science

The Department Applied Science is known as the back bone of all engineering departments which serves the students of all engineering branches. The department has well qualified, experienced faculty, State-of-art lab facilities like Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, and Communication Lab. The branches of basic science department are as follows:

  • Mathematics : The Department is focused to cater to the need of teaching Engineering Mathematics, Operation Research, Graph Theory and numerical analysis.
  • Physics : Physics is the mother of all engineering branches. The department is well equipped to provide the quality education to the students along with sound experimental skin. The department encourages the student and helps them in taking the innovative projects especially in the field of semiconductor physics and optics.
  • Chemistry : Chemistry is a basic subject, knowledge of which is essential for understanding the chemical processes, reactions and the chemical nature of materials, used in engineering and technology.
  • Humanities : The department of Humanities trains the students in Professional communication: Verbal (written and oral) as well as Non- verbal. The department has the primary mandate of quality teaching, development of personality with a thrust on communication and life skills.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Kruti Institute of Engineering and Technology (KITE) offers AICTE Approved 2-year full-time MBA (Functional & Sectoral specialization). Marketing, HR, Finance, others)-We have Specialization for functional domains for students to make their career in different functional domains.

  • Family Managed Business : This program trains young members of business families who are eager to acquire management skills while contributing to their business. It prepares next generation family business leaders for their unique leadership roles.
  • Entrepreneurs Development : Entrepreneurs and small business owners are faced with many hurdles and sometimes don't have the resources they need to help them make tough decisions.. This program has been designed to impart information in regard to entrepreneurship, starting a business, and managing a business.