General Rules

Rules & Regulation

  • Students shall abide by the rules & regulations of the Institute, as declared and notified from time to time.
  • Students are not expected to indulge in any unsocial, criminal or political activity, not conforming to his status as student and against the interest of the Institute/Organization.
  • Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory to be eligible to appear in University Examination (or as guided by University). Students are required to submit leave application giving valid reasons for absence from classes. The leave/absence applications shall be submitted to the concerned Department Head and is subject to acceptance as per rule.
  • Students found damaging the Institute property shall be punished & fined and may also be suspended/rusticated from the Institute and cost will be recovered for replacement of that property.
  • Consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol, smoking, chewing of gutka or using these kinds of bad habits inside the institute is strictly prohibited, students found indulging are liable to be fined and punished severely. They may even be rusticated.
  • Students shall follow the prescribed Dress Code in the Institute.
  • Gadgets like Mobile Phones, Walkman, Radio, etc. are not allowed inside the classrooms, workshops, seminars etc. Usage of above will lead to seizure of these gadgets. Which will be non refundable.
  • Absence from classes for more than 15 days without prior information shall lead to the admission of the students being cancelled.
  • Publication of any information regarding the institute without prior permission from the competent authority is not allowed and shall be treated as an offence invoking punitive action like suspension also.
  • Usage of Institute infrastructure viz, Library, Computer Lab, Workshop Hostel etc. are governed separately by Library rules, Computer Lab rules and Workshop rules and shall be notified from time to time.
  • Cases of indiscipline shall be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and in such cases the decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding.
  • Information regarding examinations, activities etc. shall be displayed in the form of the notice on the Notice University s and shall not be communicated to the student individually.
  • Disputes may be referred to arbitration first.
  • All disputes are subject to Raipur Jurisdiction only.
  • Without Prejudice to any or all above SBA Education Society reserves the right to amend or add any or new rules which becomes applicable after putting it in Notice Board of the Institutions.