Library Rules


  • Every member who enters the Library shall sign the gate register in token of his acceptance to adhere to the rules of Library.
  • Users are not allowed to bring their personal belongings in the library. All members are required to leave their personal belongings (Books, Files, Briefcases, Handbags, and Registers etc) at the entrance of the library (Personal Belonging Shelves). More ever Mobile phone, pen drive, laptops and gadgets are prohibited.
  • Seats in the Library may not be reserved.
  • Don’t write, underline or mark the library books. The library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for defacing or damaging to, or loss of library book(s) in his/her possession.
  • After consultation, leave the book(s) on the reading table, which will be kept by the library staff on the exact place.
  • Library materials may not be removed from the Library unless they have been properly issued by a Library staff.
  • Complete silence should be observed inside the library except for the brief and subdued talk with the library staff at the Circulation Desk or in any other Section of the library.
  • Drinks, eatables, are not allowed in the library.
  • Use of Mobile and Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Sleeping / Hot Talk /Un-necessary Discussion/ Loud Voice /Disturbance / Foot on tables & chairs / Unbalanced talk, with colleagues / are not allowed in the library.
  • Students are entitled to check out 2 books (Excluding Text Reference books and General Reference books) for a period of 15days.
  • Electronic scanning of library materials is not allowed.
  • A fine of Rs.5/- per book, per day (starting after the close of library on due date) will be charged for late returns.

Book Loses

  • In case of loss of book(s), two times the market price of the lost book be charged, or new book contain same title, author, and publisher will be charged.
  • If the library user, fails to submit the replacement cost of lost or damaged material, this amount will be deducted from the “Security Deposits” of the students; in case the stipulated amount exceeds the Security Deposits of the student then the authorities reserve the rights to withhold the issuance of degree to the students concerned till he/she either replaces the lost book/material or pays the stipulated amount.
  • The borrowers will not be able to borrow any library material until the library repurchases the lost or damaged material, or receives written information, from the Account Department of the Institute, that the required amount has been recovered from the borrower.
  • The In-Charge of the library has the authority to immediately stop the issuance or discontinue the Reading Rooms’ facility for the defaulters.


  • The faculty and staff books will be renewed for a further period of one month, if the desired book/books has/have not been reserved for another user. Overdue books will not be reissued.
  • Current issues of Annual Reports, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Newspapers and A/V materials, CDs, Diskettes can not be checked out. Such material is for consultation in the library premises.
  • The unwanted book(s) may be returned to the library for use by some other reader.
  • If you accidentally mislay a book and cannot find it after thorough search, report the matter to the Circulation Desk immediately to avoid the undue fine.
  • In case, a book is urgently required, the In-Charge of the library may recall it at a short notice any time and such a book shall be returned immediately by the borrower.
  • Library membership cards are not transferable and must be produced whenever requested by Library staff
  • Please keep your library card safely and ensure that no one else uses the library card
  • If a library card is lost or damaged, Rs.75.00 will be charged for per new card.
  • If a lost or stolen card is found or recovered after a replacement card has been made, the member must not subsequently use the card but Return it immediately to the Library.
  • Mutilation and theft of library materials are offences punishable by law and appropriate action will be taken by the institute against offenders. A student found guilty is liable to be expelled from the institute.
  • While using the following services, please consult the Circulation Desk for any assistance:
    • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
    • Audio/Visual Materials, CDs, Diskettes
  • Please note that library staff has the right to:
    • Ask users to leave the library if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing a disturbance. Remove any book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings left on reading tables.
    • Ask a non-member to leave the library.
  • Violation of these rules or undisciplined behavior in the Library will lead to cancellation of membership and disciplinary action.