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KIFID was inaugurated on 16th July 2013 in the name of J.D. Institute of fashion technology. Fashion Design course places emphasis on practical oriented training. This is an intensive course driven by a systematic technical approach that stresses on the detailed knowledge of the subject as gained from research and thematic work. In order to match the ever-changing medium of fashion, the course conducted by us relies on tracking the evolving trends, norms and innovations of the Indian and International Fashion Industry and synchronizing our curriculum with it.

A Diploma in Fashion Design from JD Institute is just to push your need to completely understand and make a name for yourself in the demanding yet rewarding field of Fashion Design. Our approach goes beyond formal teaching as we focus on the fundamentals of incorporating all the necessary tools that help a student develop independent thinking and impactful execution. If you wish to learn the business of fashion, from designing to marketing and selling, the program will equip you with all the tools to be successful in the industry.

A comprehensive program that helps students understands the fundamentals thus guiding them to lucrative, exciting yet challenging field of Fashion and Apparel Design. The other disciplines covered under the program are Business Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Textile Science and an introduction to the latest Technologies advancing in this field.

The curriculum is based on a practical approach that includes Fashion Shows, advanced study of sketching and designs (to inculcate in the student the habit of putting their creativity on paper), Seminars and regular interactions with prominent personalities from the Fashion Industry. The course is designed as an inverted funnel: a widening scope that starts with the basics and ends with a broad outlook of the massive career opportunities available within this very lucrative industry. Following Fashion Design Courses are being run at the institute

Diploma in Fashion Design (1 Years)

Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Design (2 Years)

B.Sc. Degree in Fashion and Apparel Design (3 Years)

Interior Designing is a fast growing professional field with the Real Estate and Construction Industry playing a vital role in its growth. The program in Interior Designing from JD Institute is focused on creative planning and skilled design of interior spaces. The students are trained to match the constantly evolving landscape of Interior Designing by keeping in mind the varying tastes and preferences of different demographics and cultures.

Interior Design is a very expressive art and requires designers to be constantly on their feet with ideas and creative inputs. The curriculum provides students with a platform to fully develop their latent creative skills and express their views and add to the rich bank of readily available data through observation and practical work. One can be employed as an Interior Designer, Visual Merchandising Designer and Draftsman etc. Following Interior Design Courses are being run at the institute

Diploma in Interior Design (1 Years)

Advanced Diploma in Interior Design (2 Years)

B.Sc in Interior Design (3 Years)